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Image of My First 30X Microscope Kit

My First 30X Microscope Kit

Our wide range of products spans from optical illusions to experimental electronic kits, from anatomical to globes, helping children explore the world from outer space to the land they live in and other things on it. Includes 2 prepared slides, easy to...

Image of Buki Microscope and 15 Experiments Set.

Buki Microscope and 15 Experiments Set.

An optical microscope with three magnifications: X150/X450/X900. The base of the microscope is metal. Includes an instruction sheet with 15 experiments to collect objects, prepare the slides, and examine the world of the infinitely small. With 3 magnifications:...

Image of Star Finding Telescope

Star Finding Telescope

Find the Moon, Stars, Planets and Constellations with this app-enhanced telescope. It gives you a 50mm high quality glass objective lens, protective cap, 600mm focal length and it includes 2 eyepieces - a 20mm and 12mm. It has a focusing knob and 90 degree...

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